CCFL vs LED computer screen: which gives the best monitor display?

CCFL vs LED computer screen: which gives the best monitor display?

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Dan

There is a misconception that LCD and LED are two competing types monitor displays when in reality LED-based monitors are still LCDs. Cold-cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) is LED's actual competition in producing the best LCD display.

CCFL backlighting is the more common, and older, method for LCD displays. CCFL works by discharging mercury vapor to develop ultraviolet light, causing a fluorescent coating on the inside of the lamp to emit light. LCD monitors can use anywhere from two to four CCFL tubes for backlighting, and the number of tubes being used directly impacts the amount of power usage a monitor can use. A two CCFL tube backlighting LCD display can produce a photo-realistic display while only dramatically cutting the power usage compared to a four tube backlight. Because CCFL is the more common LCD backlighting, it usually isn't mentioned in the specifications for a monitor, and is the backlighting included the majority of the less expensive LCD monitors.

While CCFL use tubes and gas, LED are tiny diodes (less than 1 mm2 in ) and can be shaped to form its lighting pattern. LED backlighting has a very low energy consumption, while having a faster switching rate and powerful lighting emission. There are a few different types of LED backlights, the two most popular being white LEDs (WLED) and red, green, blue LEDs (RGB LED). WLED is the most commonly used LED backlight utilizing white LEDs aligned along the edge of monitors. WLED is the cheapest form of LED backlighting and is also included in the thinner models. RGB uses colored LEDs spread out across the panel matrix of the monitor. Each individual colored LED can produce red, green, or blue, giving the display a more accurate color display than WLED. However, RGB LED monitors are thicker and more expensive than WLED.

Even though CCFL and LED are used in the same type of display (LCD), the type of picture each gives is very different. LED backlighting allows for a more vibrant and colorful display, achieving up to 114 percent of the NTSC color space while CCFL can only cover up 102 percent. The downside of the LED backlighting is that it require more calibration because LEDs are more prone to skew towards a given color.

One of the biggest differences between LED and CCFL is the environmental impact the two offer. While CCFL is energy efficient and can offer a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, when it comes to recycling, it is more difficult to dispose of because of the mercury it uses. LED is just as energy efficient at CCFL if not more and can have a lifetime up to 100,00 hours, but it also eliminates the difficulty of disposal because of the lack of hazardous chemicals.

Overall CCFL is less expensive and requires less set up and calibration, but LED offers a greener alternative and a deep, vibrant color display. The advantages that LED offers results in the best LCD display and that is reflected in the price difference, but the longer life, power savings, and color enhancement is worth the price tag.

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which type of LED lighting is the best?
Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 12:21:41
There are a couple types of LED lighting that are mentioned, but out of them, which provides the best picture for the best cost? Is the more expensive LED picture worth the price?

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