Cheap video recording software: Snagit, Debut Video Capture, or Voila?

Cheap video recording software: Snagit, Debut Video Capture, or Voila?

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Angela

If you've ever wanted to create your own computer tutorials, show your software tips and tricks, or record and share your success at PC gaming, then making your own screencast is a practice to look into. In order to record your screen and produce a screencast, you need specialized software; below you'll find a short list of screencasting software that performs well and doesn't break your bank.

Screencasting is how what happens on your computer desktop is captured into video. It can be used for many of the same purposes screenshots can; screencasts are used, for example, for tutorials of how to use different programs, or perhaps to record a segment of a computer game, or to show off software products or applications. Businesses can use screencasts to show how their new products work, or screencasts can be made for techniques for users new to their products or for more complex software such as Photoshop. Gamers use it to record snippets of their games for other gamers to watch, to showcase their skills, teach, or for amusement value. Screencasting is also how machinima is made—short videos made with computer animations from sources such as video gamers. For example, some users of MapleStory may screencast MapleStory characters in a game to create a plot or short movie.

SnagIt is a program available for both Windows and Mac systems that allows users to screencast and take screenshots. Snagit allows users to select what area they want to capture: a small region of the desktop screen, a window, the entire page, or a scrolling webpage. The program has image capture, text capture, and video capture features available, though image capture is the most popular and has the most options. SnagIt has a plethora of editing tools, including stamps, watermarks, flash hotspots with pop-ups, edge effects, and many more. SnagIt also provides a search function to find previous screen captures, which many users have found very useful for finding images and captures if they have a lot of sort through by date, folders, or through tags. SnagIt also has an impressive array of sharing and export tools, including to e-mail, FTP, Clipboard, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Though SnagIt offers a free trial, the software costs $49.95 to own. Users and online reviewers have given SnagIt very positive reviews, commenting on the ease of user in the interface (which is based off of Microsoft Word) and the editing effects available. However, SnagIt may not be the best choice for screencast videos specifically, as the current program's most popular and developed function is the Image Capture for screenshots. 

Debut Video Capture is created by NCH software for Windows or Mac and costs $60.00 to buy. It can record video from many sources such as the webcam or input into the computer (including from a VHS recording), as well as of course your computer screen. Debut Video Capture allows users to add captions to their captured videos and adjust the color settings of the captured video; the program also has a lot of output options available, as well as allowing the user to change the size and frame rate for the videos. Though the program has solid basic functions for video capture, users have complained about issues with the product including bugs and crashing, and a hard-to-use interface. 

Voila is made for the Mac, and is the cheapest program of the three, costing $24.99 to download the full version from the Mac App Store. Voila also has an image capture tool with built-in editing capabilities including edge blur, vector annotations, and more. The videos captured can be trimmed with Voila as well. Voila reviewers say it has high image, audio, and video quality, and for the price, Voila has a lot of editing tools at the user's disposal. Voila can record from the desktop, webcam, and web pages; Voila also exports to Flickr, FTP, Youtube, and more. The program has a wealth of different image editing options and capabilities, including multiple capture or capturing different shapes; there are many different effects such as color filters or edge blurs; the program allows users to rotate images, add in vector annotations and stroke styles to the screenshots, rotate the image, resize it, drag-and-drop it onto other applications, and so on. 

Of the three programs, Debut Video Capture is the only one solely dedicated to video capture for purposes such as screencasts. It also comes with the heftiest price tag of $60.00, and does not offer screenshot or image editing capabilities. Voila and SnagIt both have similar packages, allowing both video and image capture, different editing and export tools, and so on. SnagIt is more expensive than Voila, and while SnagIt may be better than Voila with some professional image editing tools in its arsenal, ultimately, for screencasters, Voila may be the cheapest and most efficient option for those not looking to make extremely elaborate screenshot images and simply want a good tool for some video capture with other capabilities. However, Viola is only available for Mac users, and if you're on a PC, SnagIt or another video capture program is your best option. 

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