Best video editor: online video editors or free video editing software?

Best video editor: online video editors or free video editing software?

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Dan

"Leaving it on the editing room floor" used to be a practice but now it's nothing more than a saying. Eliminating film and film waste has lowered the cost barrier to moviemaking, allowing anyone to participate in this art form and industry. The remaining investment is the time it will take to develop the skill to create interesting projects. There are two free or very inexpensive ways to edit video; downloadable free video editing software or using online video editing services.

Online video editors allow for easy access using either a PC or Mac, and have the ability to be used from multiple computers. The majority of online video editors have the user upload video clips to the website, loads them in its editor, and allows for the user to edit and export the finished project from its site. The online editors require that users register with a login and create account allowing for any videos or edits to stay private.

The most extensive free online video editor is To get started on VideoToolbox, you can upload up to 300MB to the VideoToolbox site. VideoToolbox offers a wide array of features that are usually only offered in paid versions of video editors. To ensure privacy and retain credit for your files, VideoToolbox allows for watermarks to easily be added to any files by using its watermark wizard. An advanced feature that VideoToolbox is the ability to demux files. Demuxing is the process of extracting video, audio, or subtitles from a file. For example, if you wanted to merge audio from one file with the video from another, you would demux the audio and video from their respected files in order to use them together.

With cloud technology and storage becoming more accessible, WeVideo and Pixorial are two leaders in online video editors utilizing cloud storage. Both free versions of the editors grant 1 GB of cloud storage in cooperation with Google Drive. The features of both free versions of WeVideo and Pixorial are restricted: Pixorial Basic doesn't include audio uploads or high resolution file sharing, while WeVideo free limits the amount of video you can export per month and inserts a WeVideo watermark on your projects. To unlock all of the features each of these editors offer, priced packages run from as low as $1.99/month (Pixorial Premium) to $79.99/month (WeVideo Commercial).

The other affordable option for video editing is using free downloadable software.

For work on a PC, one of the most popular options is Windows Live Movie Maker. Movie Maker is available on Vista and Windows 7 and is a free download as a part of the Windows Live download package from Microsoft. The user interface is sleek and easy to use, and the AutoMovie button makes video editing as simple as possible. AutoMovie adds a title, transitions, inserts zoom and pan effects, and even asks the user to upload an audio track from the user's hard drive. Beyond AutoMovie, advanced editing tools are limited to splitting and trimming and fading in and out.

Free video editing software for Mac users comes in the form of the preinstalled iMovie. iMovie includes all of the basic features of a video editor, but especially excels in automatically loading and organizing your video and photos, allowing for easy access to drag and drop clips. iMovie is also available on any of Apple's portable devices, not only allowing for easy publishing to mobile devices but you can also continue editing or start projects on your iPhone or iPad. The most recent update of iMovie even allows for users to make teaser trailers of their projects.

Free downloadable video editing software is more extensive and offers a smoother interface with the ability to work offline. The online editors offer the ability to edit without absorbing resource usage on your computer or taking up space with high quality projects and the dimension of working on a project from any computer from any place with an Internet connection. The downloadable software allows for the user to create projects without any corporate watermarks, the quality of being able to choose any audio tracks you have on your hard drive, and the added protections of keeping your video files local instead of on a server.

If you are working on a PC and need to access your projects on the go, the cloud online video editors are a great choice, but if you are just looking to make some simple home made movies Windows Live Movie Maker may be a better fit because of its AutoMovie feature. For Mac users, the extensive features of iMovie like the automatic inclusion of your iTunes and iPhoto libraries, plus the freedom and accessibility to use iMovie on all of your devices, makes it a clear favorite. Deciding between online and downloadable video editors comes down to which one will best suit your needs, but be sure the right one for you is the one that makes the cut.

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Are the clouds really safe?
Reply #1 on : Mon October 15, 2012, 10:16:49
How safe are the cloud editors? I wouldn't want my videos to be shared or used for anything that i don't give permission for. Have the cloud video editors ever been hacked or accused of sharing people's videos?

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